Owners Lou and Rosalie with the owner of Bernina at Bernina University.

Lou and Rosalie have co-owned this store since they opened in 1995. They each bring their special traits to the table and together have created the perfect concoction to running a successful business. 

Lou use to be a free lance teacher, starting with the Singer Co. She specializes in teaching anything and everything from garment construction to specialty feet to machine operation.   Rosalie was the manager of a different sewing shop where she learned the business side of things. It was at the store she use to manage that she met Lou who was teaching. Years later they had formed a bond and decided to open up a shop together.  When a shop here in Upland became available, Lou moved down to the area and they bought the building. 

Together they have over 70 years of combined experience and have owned the store for 21 years.  Lou continues to teach an assortment of classes and enjoys engaging the customers. Rosalie is in charge of keeping the business running and enjoys planning and selling.